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Jesus Has Your Back Whether You Know It Or Not

I didn't pay much attention to Jesus for most of my life. I expect I am not much different than many people. I was raised in a Christian family and was baptized but my relationship with Christ wasn't a very serious one. As the years passed, I had my many obligations in my busy life. In my early twenties I even turned my back on Jesus and converted to my then husband's religion of Judaism. When I told my mom I was converting to Judaism, she said "that is ok but Jesus will never forget you". I shrugged it off and went my merry way. 

Today, I look back on my life and I can see clearly that Jesus always had my back, even when I turned my back on him. If my life could be viewed as a series of stepping stones it would be very circuitous and hard to follow but eventually would lead me to a Christ centered life. I am still discovering who and what each stone is and it is wonderful to think about how God worked in my life.

Have you thought about Jesus lately? 


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